duminică, 26 octombrie 2014

Lace patterns

Tiny ballerinas line up behind the curtains
Like goldfish in a glass bowl
Taking a peek to the world outside
Wondering who's out there –
The curtains swing up –
Their little porcelain hearts pounding like crazy
Music triggers their waves, luminous bending,
Their milky white hands move so softly
Like breeze over the rye fields –
Amazed they turn, they swing,
Driven by a strange force,
As if they were puppets on a string.
The dance unfolds its secret patterns
The tiny dancers see and feel and follow –
The sound waves enter their bodies
Transforming them into movement and light.

sâmbătă, 18 octombrie 2014


Rosemary got her heart stung in a thorn,
But the pretty one left her for a dandelion.
Now she walked with a cold cave inside her heart,
Her life's bits and pieces all fell apart.
How would she ever be able to get home?
How would she tell her father, where's this emptiness from?
She tried so hard to glue herself together
With colors and honors, with caresses of others,
But like the air, nothing she retained,
Everything just flowing through her
Not the smallest pebble remained.
No room with golden locks could keep her inside,
No spell with broken mirrors could cast this void aside.
In the chorus of the waking hours,
One blue night she sang along,
Her voice turned and danced like the fire
The hearts' cave filled up with song –
She can embrace her hollowed heart now
For being perfect in its resonance.

joi, 16 octombrie 2014


Tired to be
In definitive forms,
I'd rather be
Some kind of chameleon –
Color changing
Shape shifting
Vibrating chords –
My days, like a batter,
Molded by my thoughts –
I'd be the wind
To run away with clouds,
Then maybe the snow
To sparkle so proud,
I could be the silence
In the eye of a storm,
Or the lazy winter slumber
You'd never wake up from.

Winter skin

Winter skin
Burned by too many winds
I stand -
Hollow sounds
Pass me by
Luring -
They mean nothing
Their color bursts
To millions of tiny
Pieces -
I stand
Endless winter forests
But I can't see
Truth -
It hides beyond
Your Eyes
Your Breath

Inside the waves

Of your Years -

vineri, 10 octombrie 2014

I am fog

I am fog
Elusive, uncontainable,
I come in the mysterious hours
Before sun takes reign
Over the endless fields.
Only birds join my walk
On shivery mornings,
Thirsting for dew, we float together,
Watching the world
In slumber.
I come in the lonely hours
Of late autumn nights,
Envelop you with my cold, wet breath.
Only faded lights join my walk,
Of candles and lanterns,
Thirsting for an embrace, we hover together,
Watching the world
Dream away.
Try to trap me

And I no longer will be fog.